Sunday, March 10, 2013

International Standards of manufacturing henna and herbs

We have renovated our factory to come at par with international standards in manufacturing. We are the first supplier from India having such standards of manufacturing henna and herbs. Most of the standardized factories in India only do packing and mixing in clean and hygienic place but it is very hard to find any factory maintaining international standards in all the manufacturing processes like cleaning of henna and herbs, drying, crushing, pulverizing, sieving, mixing, packing etc.

SM Heena is always striving to improve its processing by using technology and efficient management. In fact it is really hard to maintain clean and hygienic process in initial processes of manufacturing like cleaning, drying and crushing of henna and herbs. Initial process of manufacturing is always challenging because of dusty and time taking process. SM Heena accepted it as a challenge and tried to improved the initial process of manufacturing and will be improving more and more in future.

Initial processes of manufacturing are most important to obtain best quality products because these are the processes which only can maintain the overall quality of goods. If Cleaning, drying, crushing, pulverizing and sieving are not done in good, clean and hygienic process  then only mixing and packing can not obtain best quality goods. So overall each process is important equally.