Monday, November 23, 2015

Henna Manufacturing Series- 1 - Highest Level of Henna Leaves Cleaning

Most important part of henna manufacturing is first part of cleaning henna leaves. If the leaves are cleaned properly then we can get fine good quality henna powder. Most traders from other parts of India buy raw crushed henna leaves/powder from Sojat City so its not possible for them to maintain the real quality of henna at further stages of manufacturing as they are already getting half processed henna leaves where as we SM Heena Industries clean the leaves at highest level. We double refine the leaves in our unique machinery which is specially customized to reduce sand content, stems and other impurities from henna leaves. Next part of the series will show the magic of Dust Collector in cleaning of henna leaves. 

  • Double Refined Henna Leaves Cleaning
  • Unique Machine customized for leaves cleaning
  • Top Quality of raw material used
  • Top level of hygiene maintained
  • Safeguard employees health
  • 3M mask with double filter provided to employees working
  • Pigeon Net to prevent birds to come inside
  • plastic curtains used to separate different processing
  • Plastic Pallets used to keep crushed leaves
many more coming.....