Friday, November 5, 2010

We are henna farmers .

We are originally henna farmers. My grand father has done henna farming then my father and now me as well. We have gradually developed ourself and started manufacturing henna powder and then started exporting as well. So you are looking at a farmer's blog who has become an exporter gradually with time and need.

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My grand father Mr. Mishrilal Tak used to do henna farming from his young period. Then my Father Mr. Sohanlal Tak joined him when he was very young. Mr. Sohanlal Tak started bringing henna to wholesale market in Sojat. Then he became a trader of henna leaves along with henna farmer. Mr. Sohanlal Tak used to visit many villages for henna leaves in earlier time when wholesale market of henna in Sojat was not developed much and there was no trend of bringing material to the market. So he developed a very strong channel in villages. He has become a brand name with time. He is well known face of the market to provide quality henna leaves.

Mr. Sohanlal Tak has been allotted first block and first office as a trader of wholesale market of henna leaves in Sojat. He has become chairman of the association of traders 3 times till now. He has presided the wholesale market and has a big role in the development of market and facilities to traders. Suppliers approach him for quality leaves.

Mr. Omprakash Tak joined him after finishing his studies and learnt about technical aspects of henna powder.

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