Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Digging in Henna fields to take out weed/unwanted plants

Now days whenever there is clear sun for 2 days or more most of the farmers do digging in the henna fields to take out weed or unwanted plants grown in between henna plants because of rain.
 This is a very usual process done 2-3 times during rainy season every year to take out the weeds.  It is important to take out the weed otherwise henna crop will be so grassy and it might degrade the quality of henna. Lots of crude fibre content will come which will more than controlled limit.  So digging has a very important role to maintain good quality henna.

It is done 2-3 times in a season depending on amount of rain. If there is more rain in the region then farmers need to take out weed 3 times otherwise usually it is done 2 times. This year rain is good and it is pouring after good intervals so might be required 3 times in some area. Mostly 2 times is recommended  this year.

I am just trying to see how they dig whole day. It is tough job. So much humidity and sweating all day, only real farmers can do it efficiently.

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