Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Henna Dust Collector- Maximum Cleaning

SM Heena Industries has set a unique Dust Collector to reduce impurity level from henna leaves. Leaves cleaning is the most important process to get quality henna powder so it requires maximum efforts to separate impurities like stems, sand, fibers, waste particles, seeds etc from raw henna leaves. Conventional machines are not able to clean entire impurities. To put a little extra efforts people do it manually by hand but this does not make much difference in the quality of henna leaves.  We have done this by using modern technology rather than doing it manually. Conventionally people used to do it manually by hand or by using small tools because of lack of technology but in modern times when machine can clean it very nicely so we always strive to use better technology. This Dust Collector also cleans very fine impurities which is not possible manually. SM Heena Industries is the only company in India which has set this kind of innovative, unique and customized Dust Collector to get highest quality of henna powder and other herbs.  

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